Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July was different for us this year. No apple pie, No fireworks (Other than a thunder and lighting shower) but we did get in our baseball (Ranger vs White Sox on MLBTV.COM.. Sad, the Rangers are tanking it right now and they lost.) We did have brats and burgers along with live Mexican music. We attended a ExPat function with our friends from the IWC (International Women's Club of Cancun).

 We had some of our adopted local grand kids. This is Leah our princess and her mother, Andrea by the pool. They also spent some time at the beach across the street.
 One of the members let us use their Bed and Breakfast for the event.
 This is the entrance to the B&B and the courtyard where we BBQd Hamburgers and Brats and lounged around listening to the musicians and chatting.
 Andres was the cook and he also sang for us too. Very talented guy.
 Here is one of our adopted families. The Domingues', Leo, Andrea, Leah and Austin.
Quintin & Claudia are some of our first friends in the area, They have been wonderful, helping us learn the area.

Fourth of July is still my favorite holiday. We missed family and friends, but have found many new friends here in Cancun.

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