Sunday, January 23, 2011

Guiness Book of Records

We attended and participated today in the largest group of people to attend a golf lesson. It was organized by the sponsors of the MayaKoba Golf Classic that is held here at the MayaKoba Golf Course each Spring at the end of February. Today they had approximately 1500 people attend a half hour lesson on the basics of golf.
 Here is the drop off point for the buses and the hordes of people to participate in the golf lesson.
 Here is the tote board that kept track of how many participants and the time.
 Here is my favorite player... Becky...Long Ball .... This gal can drive ... Putting isn't bad either!
 Here I am trying to find my grip.
 One of the many fairways and hazards on the course...
 Here is Mr & Mrs Puerto Morelos ... Andres & Martha ... My tennis partner on Wednesdays & Fridays..
Another beautiful hole on this magnificent course. Home of the Maya Koba Classic February 24th thru the 27th. Becky and I will be volunteering during the tournament.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chichen Itza - Ek Balam History Tour

We took a little road trip with our Bishop and a group from Northern Utah. We visited Chichen Itza and Ek Balam and got some real insight into the past history of the people who lived there then. (Mayans)

This is our merry little bands.. I am terrible with names...These were all family from up around Tremonton area ...

 Here we are at Chichen Itza
 This Iguana was standing guard at the warriors memorial burial site...
 This is the Bishop and guide on the road out to the sacrificial well where they sacrificed young to the water God.
 Standing on the remains of the outer walls around Chichen Itza.
 Lemuel Petlacalo, standing in front of some of the newest discoveries at Chichen Itza near the large Pyramid. web site: email:
 This is one on the highways in ancient Maya. This highway goes from Chichen Itza to Coba. It is 66 miles long and perfectly straight and level.
 Mayan archway.. common as entry to cities and temples.
 The timbers you see in this picture are the original timbers used in the construction of this building. Lumber was scarce in the area. Trees are mainly smaller in diameter and most building construction was sand stone and cement.
 Nice resort where we stopped for a lunch buffet.
 Cenote, (Well or sink hole), clear water filtered by the sand stone. There are no rivers above ground in the Yacatan. All rivers are under ground and there are many cenotes and caves throughout the region.
 They have craved out a walkway down to the cenote where many go swimming in the crystal clear water.
 This is the group at Ek Balam, this is a large ruin that was recently uncovered in the jungle of the Yucatan. This is a very large temple with many rooms and some painting depicting the dark and light skinned natives of the period.
 Ek Balam
 The grand entrance... Sure wouldn't want to be a bellman here and have to negotiate those stairs with luggage,
This was before the climb to the top...
Great time was had by all... We were truly enlighten with the insights of Lemuel.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Adios 2010 Bienvenida 2011

We went to Puerto Morelos for New Year's Eve... We met up with Brett & Kris for dinner. We walked thru the town square and to a seaside restaurant for dinner and some music. The place was all decorated up and the waiters were all in a great mood..

 After dinner we moved over to another sidewalk cafe that had live music and sat and watched the people. Numerous tourists in town... Americans, Canadians and some Europeans... All having a good time.. (Brett is in the picture)..
 Street cafe just up from the dive shop that Brett and Kris have in Puerto Morelos .. Live music, belly dancer and fire dancers... The fire dancers just walk the streets looking for a crowd and work for tips.

 This is our little group at the Habanero Cantina ... Brett, Local Sport's medicine guy, Kris, Becky, my empty seat and the belly dancer... By day she is a diving instructor at Brett's dive shop.

Fire dancers working the crowd from the streets of Puerto Morelos.

"Youth is when you are allowed to stay up until midnite.
Middle Age is when you are forced to stay up until midnite to wish everyone a Happy New Year!
Old Age is when you go to bed early and greet the New Year in the morning..."

That is exactly what we did... We were home and in bed by 11pm... The fireworks were going off until 2am in our housing development .. You could hear music playing...
Becky may have had a hard time sleeping, but Me, I can sleep thru artillery fire ...and have... Sweet dreams...2010.... Looking forward to 2011! Another Great Year!