Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall in Paradise - Fall colors

 Fall colors are everywhere in Cancun. The white you see is not snow... It is coral based sand that never gets hot. You can walk on it anytime with your bare feet and never get burned. You can shovel it if you want, but not a real need.
 We even have colorful bugs.. This is a local company mascot from a local electrical company... Not the Blonde on the left... That is my lady...Becky!
 Here is some color we find in our front yard. The blooms only last a day, but there is another one that bloom the next day and the next day. This plant has generated a flower a day for over three months. On special days we get a bonus of two or three blooms.
 This is our view out the front gate. We have numerous blooming plants that provide vivid colors of Red, Purple, Blue, Orange and yellow year round.
 Here are two colors we see daily here in Paradise. Thou our White dog has acquied a tan on his face.. We think it is playing in the dirt, but he might just be getting a tan like everyone else down here.
 Tropical plants are everywhere .. We see exotic blooms everywhere we go. The dominant color in the landscape is a rich green with trim of blooms of all colors year round... Eat you heart out New England it last all year.
 Looking down our street you can see the color in the canopy, that isn't some dried up old leave you will have to rake up after a couple of weeks of color. The color lasts and it NEVER dries up and turns that dull gray of winter... Blue skies are filled with fluffy clouds and sunshine.. The coldest temperature on record here was 57*.. Chilly, we had our winter coats on that day...
 Across the street is a splash of brillant yellow flowers, kinda like the color of quakies. Again they are there now, tomorrow and the rest of the year too!
 The beaches are fantastic... The Carribean Sea is so beautiful! Just the place to sit and watch the people, birds, dolphins and surf... Peace be still!!!
The golf courses are open and thiving with the warm breeze from the ocean and the sunshine and sun... The tourists are not to be found this time of year.. Well kept secret...
Even the wild life here are colorful. Macaws, Flamingos, Parrots, Cudomundas, Butterflies, Birds of many kinds and of course you got to remember the Crocodiles.

Life is good in PARADISE...Another surprise... The Peso is at 14 to 1 USD.. That is the best it has been since the tourist season ended... We got a 30% raise!
Oh what a country....

The only thing we miss is our friends and family... So....

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