Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sister's Visit

This is Xcaret... At the entrance are numerous Macaws and Flamingos on display. We were really shy on good camera work on this trip because we had two cameras that failed to work, so the number of shots taken with my IPhone were the extent of the shots and few came out worth publishing.

There is a wonderful Aquarium with displays of the fish and sea life of the area. A large display and storage tanks full of Sea Turtles. One of the missions of Xcaret is the preservation of the Sea Turtles and providing a place to allow the Sea Turtles to grow after the hatch to a size that will increase their chances of survival in the sea.  Thousands of Sea Turtles are captured and raised here for release after they have grown to a diameter of about 14 inches.

There are numerous large Sea Turtles that have been recovered and live at the reserve.
Crocodiles are also native to the area and are on display to remind all of their part in the Eco System of the area.
There were approximately 24 large Sea Turtles on display in the pools just outside the Aquarium.
Here is our merry little band inside the Butterfly sanctuary. This day the number of hatched butterflies were not very numerous, but the hatch want conversion from the larva stage was underway.  I personally have been in this enclosure when you had to brush the butterflies away. Again another project at Xcaret that is adding to the awareness of the fragile Eco system that is home to some unique animals, sea life and plants.
Left to right: Kendall Ayres, Anna Ayres, Roger Watson, Lois Watson, Becky Baldwin and Ross Baldwin. Xcaret is a must eye for any first time visitor. Besides the beautiful grounds, numerous adventures in culture and nature they have a equestrian show, dolphins, underground river, working Mayan Village, replica of the ancient ball court with actual players of the game.. The true highlight of the day is the night show.. Full of history, dance and music from ancient times to present of the  Mexican & Mayan world. Plan to make it a day and a night... You will be very tired when you are done, but satisfied beyond your imagination.
This was a dance festival held in downtown Cancun on the following Monday night. Again I apologize for the photography... Still working with my IPhone... This were young talented people in the art of dance. Ballet, Hip Hop and other modern dance.. We were on the front row... Thanks to the International Women's Club which Becky is a member.
All in all... I do believe the group had a great time... Touring Mayan Ruins, local food establishments from street vendors to first class dining...

Well, we are off to Mayacoba Golf Classic next... We have volunteered to help and been assigned to the first tee as Ambassadors... Sounds good... We hold up the "QUIET" sign and man the ropes that cord en off the tee box.... Watch for us on the  golf channel.... Hope to get some pictures for our next blog..