Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 3 Baldwin's Hammock & Tacos Work in progress

Week 3 has ended and it was a eventful week.. The little casa has added another bed to the guest room collection. Beecky has started to decorate with new accent paint inside and out. We took a trip out to the jungle and found a wonderful nursery to start our garden and fruit orchard ..
We had some set backs with the Nook we got to help us source some good books in English. Barnes & Noble told us they would not allow us to download in Mexico. After spending the money for their newest and best... This was not acceptable. After numerous calls and emails, they finally gave us an answer and a way to download to the Nook. We have Shawn use Becky's account to purchase them in the States on a USA internet connection and download them, then they show up on Becky's Nook.
We went down and vissited Bret & Kris Nielsen, they have a beautiful home in Peurto Morelos, (small fishing village south of Cancun about 20 miles). Puerto is experiencing massive growth right now. The Tulum Corridor is exploding with new resorts and condos all the way down to Tulum from Cancun.

We had dinner at a small neighborhood open air cafe.. Food was GREAT and the price was even better.
Now it is off to church and then an afternoon of NFL football... Got my fantasy team set for the week...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

1st Sunday at church

Today was our first official Sunday at the local church (ward).. We arrived 25 minutes early to find that the Mexican Saints have the same habits are the Salt Lake Valley Saints.. They arrive late... Other than the Bishop and family, there was not another car in the parking lot. The Bishop and family all greeted us with open arms and warm fellowship. The Bishop's family all speak good English..
When the meeting started it was about 20% full and by the end of the 1st song the congregation grew to about 60% full and after the sacrament was completed and the doors reopened we had a packed house! Just like back in Utah...
Members are all very friendly and want to help.. Many spoke English, even the small children.
Sacrament service was all in Spanish. The hymns were all old favorites except in Spanish... I sang in English ... Oh well...
Sunday School was a bust... I haven't got my scriptures here yet.. They are on a later flight.. Kathy Cameron, our friend that lives here a couple of weeks a month is shuttling down some items for us... We don't even have Sunday go to meeting clothes... But, they are coming... Without at least scriptures to look up the references, we were totally lost... Once scriptures get here and I can round up a copy of the lesson book in English, I will get more out of Sunday School.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Baldwin's Cancun Hammock & Tacos

Welcome to the Baldwin family (Ross & Becky) Blog site for our Cancun paradise home.
We want it t be a special refuge for friends to escape and relax.
It is like a Bed & Breakfast except it is more like a Hammock & Tacos, the Maya way of living. Simple but comfortable... Ammendities are few but the carefree, caring and happiness is everywhere...
Give us a call and let us know your flight number... We will pick you up... You will have a place to stay and enjoy the simple life of the area.