Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rainy days - More new house

Well, we are starting to get the new house tuned up.. They installed  air conditioning was the first thing in... The place will be cool....
We purchased a small gas stove... Added a larger water heater ... We still need a few things...
Living room set, Refrigerator, microwave, laundry and window covering ... We will get there.
Today I got the car serviced (a six hour ordeal)... But, I do feel like I found a place that can service the car and get me the parts... That has been a big concern.
While I was waiting, it was just around the corner from the new house so I went over there and hung out in air conditioned comfort while the car was being serviced. Did a little watering of the plants, just before it started to rain.. But, it filled the time.. Played a little on facebook ... all the time Becky and the dogs were patiently waiting at home... No much fun today.. But, I did take a couple more pictures at the new house..
 Entry way garden... With palm tree...
 Looking down the street in front of the house. Nature park on the right side. With a walking trial and a basketball court and play area.
 The corner across from the house looking into the nature park.
 Neighbor's house across the street on the corner in front of our house.
 Our house...  The circle above the center of the house is a stained glass guardian angel.. We can use that!
 Tiled entry way with shrubs and flowers on the side.

Still raining ... So today is going to be another stay at home evening for us.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Were are moving to Malibu

We have found a new house! We will be moving in August 1st. The pluses are lower cost per month by 1/3, all on one level (no more stairs) Two large bathrooms with room for a "soaky" tub for Becky. In a neighborhood with 6 other CUD Families (CUD = LDS)... It is not as new as our place at Jicaron, but we think is is solid and the landlord has agreed to make some changes we want. We will be closer to more shopping, the baseball stadium and tennis courts. Not as close to the gym, but we may change gym to one closer if it is a problem.

 Large bathrooms... Room for the Soaky Tub...
 Living Room
 First Guest room with hammock hooks too!
 Kitchen hall with Becky looking into the guest room.
 Dining area and kitchen
 Front Car Port
Entryway and front garden area

We hope that with the changes we can continue to make our way here in Paradise.. Life is simple...But GOOD!
Will keep you posted as it comes together...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stake Primary MTC Program

This past Saturday we were involved with a special program that the Stake Primary put together at the Stake Center.
They divided up the youth into MTC mission groups representing 8 different countries. They set up work stations to teach the children about the things that missionaries have to learn to go on their mission.

We were part of the England Mission and we were the language teacher for the class. We taught them a scripture in English. These little 6 years old we had in our MTC class were amazing! They picked up the language very quickly and were so attentive to our every word. They truly love the gospel experience and are developing strong testimonies. What a pleasure to work with such wonderful children.

Total attendance was around two hundred children. We had twenty two in our English MTC. The leaders were mainly parents and they escorted the groups around the different work stations to learn different essentials to being a missionary. Everything from food preparation to time management. The children were paired up and then assign a district leader (parent). Our Zone leader for the English MTC was Joko Gardena, one of the High Counselors in the Stake. He is truly amazing with the children. He was good to us old duffers that couldn't speak Spanish and were trying to teach a scripture to the children too.

We truly love the people here in our ward, stake and the country as well. They are just so genuine and loving...
Americans could take a lesson on family values from these people. They truly love their families and in turn reach out and love and help others..