Friday, March 16, 2012

Dennis came and conquered Riviera Maya

Dennis and I have been friends since birth. It was really great to have him come stay with us at our little Hammock & Tacos Casa. (In the states you have Bed & Breakfast), we have hammocks and tacos.
We filled his days with our little bit of Paradise. We hope he enjoyed himself as much as we enjoyed having him and returns again. One week is not enough time to see everything but we tried.
I am sure Dennis will need a vacation to rest up from his time spent in Mexico. I went along with him and I am still recuperating.
Dennis took over 500 photos while he was here. I picked out a few to share. The Blog would be too long to include all 500.

 Beach work for retirees.. Ross, Becky & Dennis

 Senor Frog on Isla Murjeres (Isle of Women)
 Our Chariot awaits
 Crocodile wrestling at Crococun Crocodile farm and zoo.
 Babysitting the baby anaconda.
 Soaking up the sun
 Nice tie!
 This is a peck on the check.

 New mother with a baby on her back.
 Pre season game between the Taxi company and the Quintana Roo Tigres.
 Jose Conseco was playing for the Taxi company.
 Macaws at Xcaret
 Tough job! But, someone has to do it!

 Waterfalls in the Butterfly sanctuary.
 Underground rivers to float in. About a mile long. Much of the trip in underground.
 Iguana was monitoring the trash.
 Cougars taking a nap.
 Dennis standing next to an actual sized Sea Turtle painting in the Turtle exhibit.
 Up close and personal with a Sea Turtle.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Neighborhood Nature Park

We took a stroll thru the nature park near our home. Weather was perfect and the greenery of the park was wonderful.
They have a typical Mayan House there and there are many animals that reside in the park. We really didn't get  to see many of the animals. There is a walking/jogging path around the park that is about a mile and a half. The park consists of thick jungle with trees and ferns everywhere.

There is a work out area, picnic facilities and a children's playground. They have a small museum and restrooms.
Bryce, Sarah, Sally & Sammy Ayres came for a visit. They were her two weeks, staying with us on both ends of their vacation. Spent the middle week (Sat to Sat) at the Royal Islander Resort. see
The pictures below were taken by Bryce on the trip to Xcaret .. A magic place to see the local animals,ie: Monkeys, Crocodiles, Jaguars, Panthers, Butterflies, many different birds and domesticated animals like horses and cattle.
Xcaret is a true marvel. With underground rivers to float, lagoons to snorkel and swim and a large aquarium with a Sea Turtle preserve. They have Mayan ruins to explore complete with a working Mayan village and the ancient ball game. The night show is a history of the region and national folk dancing and music.
This is #1 on my list of attractions here on the Maya Rivera.
We enjoyed the company and hope that a good time was had by all.
Bryce and Sarah Ayres
Sarah and Sammy at Xcaret

Sally having a Mexican Slurpee!

Toucans are local also

Parrots are common as Robins in the States

Vultures are the Mexican Eagle

Flamingos are found in the marsh lands on the coast

Sea Turtles are captured at birth and raised until they are about 12 inches in diameter and released to the Caribbean. The sanctuary is very large. They return about 20,000 per year to the sea.

 Mayan ruins are being reconstructed to show the culture of the early Mayans.
No Mayan here! That is Sammy up on the ruins.

Brahma bulls are a common livestock in the area.