Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 In Paradise

We enjoyed a very nice day here in Cancun. Starting off in the morning with two sets of tennis... This will be replacing turkey bowl at the park in the snow and cold of Utah with the local guys... I will miss the guys, but
Tennis will be with the local amigos here in Cancun... Not cold and wet!

Andres, Our host and coordinator! Andres and wife have a small Travel Agency and manage properties in Puerto Morelos and Can Cun!

 Victor, local Artist (He paints better than he plays tennis)...Thank goodness!
 This ain't Wimbledon ... But it is a nice court out in the jungle. It is owned by a small resort that allows Andres & Friends access in exchange for maintenance and up keep.. It is lighted for night play.
Andres is the BEST tennis player, at least in Puerto Morelos!

Becky, Kathy and Kris were all doing the cooking thing... Each at their own home, I don't know where we are going to put all the food.. Each family of two will have a large turkey to dispose of..
After tennis, the guys all did their own thing whether that be watch NFL football or the Championship series of the Pro Tennis Tour from London. It was all good!

 Dinner was wonderful! London recipes, American Traditions and Cancun location! It doesn't get any better than that!
Who gave Nacho a sharp object? This man is dangerous with a Tennis Racket ... Sharp knife could be fatal! And it was for this bird!
 Kathy & Nacho's garden is coming along nicely! Beautiful plants and Nacho's Habanero Peppers! (They are really HOT!!!) ...

Kathy & Nacho's house is really coming along nicely too! They have made it very cozy and comfortable... It was already warm....
They have a head start on ours, but the little house is coming along nicely over on our street too! We added some vanities to the bathrooms and the last of the light fixtures and a fan to the patio..  New grass in the front yard. What we saved on not having to get a snow blower, we put into the little house.

We are starting tennis lessons on Monday... We found a place that charges $30. per lesson... That is pesos, so it equates to just about two dollars and fifty cents USD.. Becky and I wants to get our game up to where we can play doubles with Nacho and Kathy and not embarrass them... They  might even want to play with us once in a while.. We have no plans on every winning a game, but to at least make a lucky shot once in a while..
We also found a really nice health club in our neighborhood, it is as nice a Tree House is in Sandy.. It has Tennis, Squash (No racquetball, Darn!), swimming pool, weights, machines, pool, billiards, paint ball, dancing, spinning, aerobics, belly dancing, plates, yoga, soccer, cafe and lounge.. (Nice) ... We hope to find budget for it... It costs $1900 pesos per month...equates to $159 USD.. That's as much as food for a month! Sooo... I guess we are going on a diet...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our Newest Friends - Martha & Andres

We met some very nice people in Puerto Morelos, a little fishing village south of Cancun. Their names are Martha & Andres. Martha was originally from Canada and Andres is a native of the area. They have been in the area over 30 years and have a small travel agency ... . They have many different hobbies and activities they enjoy. They have accummulated a lot of property and also sponsor the Wednesday Poker games in their backyard.
This is one of two homes they have just a couple of blocks of the beach. From the balcony off the Master Bedroom you can see the Caribbean Sea. The backyard is wonderful... Walled in for security and includes a BBQ and area that they use for parties and poker on Wednesday Nights!
Andres and friends were installing a tarp over the poker tables in the event of rain... Don't want to get rained out for the poker games... Starts at 9pm and lasts until 2pm ... Table stakes are 600 pesos each player with a maximum of 600 additional pesos can be added by each player who choose to add at the break at 11pm.. Lots of food and drink ... Good time is had by all!

We sat and ate at the beach. Watching the sunset and enjoying each others company... Sharing stories and interests. Andres has a baseball team in town and love to play tennis... I think we are going to get along just fine!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weekly Get together - Sew - Quilt - Embroidery - Karaoke - Dancing - Lunch

Pilar's Living room
Pilar and the Karaoke Machine

Pilar's Backyard
These aren't the Andrew Sister
Dancing too!
The whole Gang
Listening to the song! Beatle's music... I think
Karaoke Machine
Becky went to her group for the weekly shindig...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tennis Anyone?

Kathy can play Tennis!
Nacho working with Amatuers
We went out to play Tennis with Nacho and Kathy. This was our first attempt at tennis here in Cancun.
Nacho spent his time getting us acquainted with the game. He is very patient and a good instructor... He should be, he is a professional...
We had a GREAT time!
Kathy is a good player also. She plays numerous times every week and plays at a level 3.5 or 4. when she competes in tournament play... Becky and I are in the negative when it comes to ratings... But we ln to make it a part of our regimentation going forward.
My love of racquetball is not helpful here. Racquetball is a game of wrists and Tennis a game of arms... They don't mix well... As for now, I will try to do both... The day will come when I need to make a decision betwen the two... If I want to be competetive..

Ole' Duffer Trying to play tennis
Kathy doing her thing!
Tennis Courts at the Royal Resorts

Unfortunately, Becky was manning the camera and failed to include herself in these photos, but I promise to take the opportunity next week to catch her in her tennis outfit... She has got some good looking legs to showoff in her tennis shorts!

Winter is setting in here... The temperature has dropped to low 70s and we have gotten out our long pants... Tank tops and cutoffs are only our day wear now!

Life is good in Paradise!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cancun Quilter & Crafts Group

Becky met with the local Quilters & Craft Group today. They meet each Wednesday and Friday for a craft & gab session... They do lunch on Wednesday at a local eatery..
Becky says they were all very Gracious and tried to help her by speaking as much English as possible.
They meet in one of the groups homes and then go to lunch.

Walk in the Park

Becky and the kids resting on a rock.
 The dog lease laws are about the same... Dogs are not allowed on many beaches and never in the ocean... Don't want to attract sharks...
 The parks have a lot of open space and walking trails.

This playground is not OSHA Approved but the children live..
The weather has been perfect! That is getting to be the norm .... I guess, I can quit telling everyone, because everyone already knows... But, I am not missing the cooler weather and the snow is not miss at all ever!

We are enjoying exploring and taking in the local little sidewalk cafes. We are finally not spending our time getting lost and wandering around aimlessly looking for something.

Today, Becky is going to a quilting club meeting with a local club she found.