Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall in Paradise - Fall colors

 Fall colors are everywhere in Cancun. The white you see is not snow... It is coral based sand that never gets hot. You can walk on it anytime with your bare feet and never get burned. You can shovel it if you want, but not a real need.
 We even have colorful bugs.. This is a local company mascot from a local electrical company... Not the Blonde on the left... That is my lady...Becky!
 Here is some color we find in our front yard. The blooms only last a day, but there is another one that bloom the next day and the next day. This plant has generated a flower a day for over three months. On special days we get a bonus of two or three blooms.
 This is our view out the front gate. We have numerous blooming plants that provide vivid colors of Red, Purple, Blue, Orange and yellow year round.
 Here are two colors we see daily here in Paradise. Thou our White dog has acquied a tan on his face.. We think it is playing in the dirt, but he might just be getting a tan like everyone else down here.
 Tropical plants are everywhere .. We see exotic blooms everywhere we go. The dominant color in the landscape is a rich green with trim of blooms of all colors year round... Eat you heart out New England it last all year.
 Looking down our street you can see the color in the canopy, that isn't some dried up old leave you will have to rake up after a couple of weeks of color. The color lasts and it NEVER dries up and turns that dull gray of winter... Blue skies are filled with fluffy clouds and sunshine.. The coldest temperature on record here was 57*.. Chilly, we had our winter coats on that day...
 Across the street is a splash of brillant yellow flowers, kinda like the color of quakies. Again they are there now, tomorrow and the rest of the year too!
 The beaches are fantastic... The Carribean Sea is so beautiful! Just the place to sit and watch the people, birds, dolphins and surf... Peace be still!!!
The golf courses are open and thiving with the warm breeze from the ocean and the sunshine and sun... The tourists are not to be found this time of year.. Well kept secret...
Even the wild life here are colorful. Macaws, Flamingos, Parrots, Cudomundas, Butterflies, Birds of many kinds and of course you got to remember the Crocodiles.

Life is good in PARADISE...Another surprise... The Peso is at 14 to 1 USD.. That is the best it has been since the tourist season ended... We got a 30% raise!
Oh what a country....

The only thing we miss is our friends and family... So....

Your engraved invitation 
We would like to invite you and yours to visit our H & T (Hammock & Tacos),
Mexican version of B & B (Bed & Breakfast) anytime! Just give us a call or email and tell us what flight your on… We will pick you up at the Airport. You have a place to stay in Paradise!
Ross & Becky
Call: (801) 738-1429

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mar Egeo Casa continued

#2 Guest Room (Note there are hammock hooks in all bedrooms for two hammocks).

 Master Bedroom complete with hammock hooks for those that want sleep like the natives.

 Master Bath - We will be adding a tub here as resources permit..
Second bathroom ... Everything is on one level... (We are too old for all those stairs in the other house... Even Sport, our Westie had trouble with the steep stairs. He broken a toe and had Becky carrying him around for over a month... Boy, did he milk that... Long after he was healed, he would wait fro Becky to haul him u and down the stairs... One day she hauled him up and then found him following her down the the bottom he waited for her to haul him up, but she had figured it out... The ride was over for Sporty Boy...

Mar Egeo 17 Malibu Residencia Cancun Mexico

Here is the front view of our new house. Nice neighborhood with gated security. The common areas include a small park with basketball courts, volleyball and possible tennis. A children's playground with swings and climbing toys. We have a walking trail around the park to walk the dogs. The neighbors we have met are very friendly and most speak English. Some of the Church Members in the neighborhood have vowed to teach me Spanish whether I like it or not.... They are wonderful people.... I love the Mexican People...

This is our front door entry. When I park the car in the carport area, I have to bring it in slowly until it touches the house... It is very tight..
The gate will not latch unless I do it.

We have plans to add a patio set and BBQ on the other side of the drive to sit outside and BBQ. The weather has been just perfect with a little rain...
Here is our living room. Small but just right for us. We really got lucky on the furnishings. Becky asked around her Women's club and found an American that is returning to Florida to have her daughter finish high school there. They have been in Mexico for 20 years. They have a home here and there. So, She sold us her furniture, Living room set, Washer, Dryer, LCD 50 inch TV, Master bedroom set, bookcase and etc... All for $1350. USD.

Dining room.... Same one we had...

Kitchen is little... But it will work... we have more storage than before..

Breakfast bar with bar stools.
Front Patio Garden.. We hope to add a BBQ & Patio Set..
This is in Becky's work room. She has laundry and an area for her to do her crafts,
Sculpting, painting & etc... Having a dryer instead of hanging out on the line is a big plus for us...
This is our #1 Guest room. We also have our computer hub set up in here with the magicjack for our USA calls.

Becky has a work area for laundry and crafts. This is the entry from thebackyard... Air conditioned... Where she was sculpting before was out in the jungle with the mosquito's and Habeno biting flies.. They call Becky  "lunch".... No flies in the new house..  I plan to had a tub to one for Becky... She is a bubble bath person.. But, at least we have pressure in her bathroom here. She has had a year of trickle showers...
More picture to come.... Master bedroom, #2 Guest room and two larger than we are use to bathroom...

We are ready for visitors! Come on down!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rainy days - More new house

Well, we are starting to get the new house tuned up.. They installed  air conditioning was the first thing in... The place will be cool....
We purchased a small gas stove... Added a larger water heater ... We still need a few things...
Living room set, Refrigerator, microwave, laundry and window covering ... We will get there.
Today I got the car serviced (a six hour ordeal)... But, I do feel like I found a place that can service the car and get me the parts... That has been a big concern.
While I was waiting, it was just around the corner from the new house so I went over there and hung out in air conditioned comfort while the car was being serviced. Did a little watering of the plants, just before it started to rain.. But, it filled the time.. Played a little on facebook ... all the time Becky and the dogs were patiently waiting at home... No much fun today.. But, I did take a couple more pictures at the new house..
 Entry way garden... With palm tree...
 Looking down the street in front of the house. Nature park on the right side. With a walking trial and a basketball court and play area.
 The corner across from the house looking into the nature park.
 Neighbor's house across the street on the corner in front of our house.
 Our house...  The circle above the center of the house is a stained glass guardian angel.. We can use that!
 Tiled entry way with shrubs and flowers on the side.

Still raining ... So today is going to be another stay at home evening for us.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Were are moving to Malibu

We have found a new house! We will be moving in August 1st. The pluses are lower cost per month by 1/3, all on one level (no more stairs) Two large bathrooms with room for a "soaky" tub for Becky. In a neighborhood with 6 other CUD Families (CUD = LDS)... It is not as new as our place at Jicaron, but we think is is solid and the landlord has agreed to make some changes we want. We will be closer to more shopping, the baseball stadium and tennis courts. Not as close to the gym, but we may change gym to one closer if it is a problem.

 Large bathrooms... Room for the Soaky Tub...
 Living Room
 First Guest room with hammock hooks too!
 Kitchen hall with Becky looking into the guest room.
 Dining area and kitchen
 Front Car Port
Entryway and front garden area

We hope that with the changes we can continue to make our way here in Paradise.. Life is simple...But GOOD!
Will keep you posted as it comes together...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stake Primary MTC Program

This past Saturday we were involved with a special program that the Stake Primary put together at the Stake Center.
They divided up the youth into MTC mission groups representing 8 different countries. They set up work stations to teach the children about the things that missionaries have to learn to go on their mission.

We were part of the England Mission and we were the language teacher for the class. We taught them a scripture in English. These little 6 years old we had in our MTC class were amazing! They picked up the language very quickly and were so attentive to our every word. They truly love the gospel experience and are developing strong testimonies. What a pleasure to work with such wonderful children.

Total attendance was around two hundred children. We had twenty two in our English MTC. The leaders were mainly parents and they escorted the groups around the different work stations to learn different essentials to being a missionary. Everything from food preparation to time management. The children were paired up and then assign a district leader (parent). Our Zone leader for the English MTC was Joko Gardena, one of the High Counselors in the Stake. He is truly amazing with the children. He was good to us old duffers that couldn't speak Spanish and were trying to teach a scripture to the children too.

We truly love the people here in our ward, stake and the country as well. They are just so genuine and loving...
Americans could take a lesson on family values from these people. They truly love their families and in turn reach out and love and help others..

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Father & Son's Outing Cancun Style

This Friday & Saturday was the traditional CUD (LDS) Annual Kahab Stake Aaronic Priesthood campout. This was the selected site.  Kin-Ha Cenote out off the Avenue of the Cenotes in Quintana Roo, Mexico. For you non Mayans, a cenotes is a underground well. The Yucatan Peninsula has no above ground rivers. It is honeycombed with many underground rivers with numerous access points which create caves with pools of fresh water. These cenotes are the source for all water for drinking, irrigation and anything else your can use water for. Many have been converted into swimming areas, scuba diving down thru the many caverns they create. Most are very primitive areas. There is no running water, showers, restrooms or other public facilities.. This is rural..
Here is the only electrical power in the area... This power station (2 solar panels0 which provide for lighting the shack where you pick up your life vests for swimming in the cenote and swing in a hammock.
This rooster seemed to be in charge... There were numerous chickens running about... He also provided wake up call starting at 5am and continued until at least 8am when everyone was finally up.
Here is one of the ward's campers. They had to walk into the camp from the main road on a very dusty dirt road for 18 kilometers (about 15 miles)... This ole duffer caught the supply truck...
Here are some of the leaders.
Besides swimming in a underground cavern there were zip lines set up in the trees that the boys could fly thru the air on a pulley and go from one platform to another... My zip line day are past... But, I know they found the active exciting for them and the younger leaders took a turn at being kids again... I passed.... I will go with the stories ole duffers tell of "back in the day"...
Here is the Young men's First Counselor of the Kahab Stake... Nice young guy, works for American Airlines at the airport. He really relates well with the young men.

Still don't have a good camera, these are a few of the photos I took with my iPhone.. Most didn't work well, either because of the lack of talent behind the shutter or the lighting.

I am certain it will be my last Father and Son's event... This is for the young ...That isn't me... I did all the roughing it I need for a life time compliments of the US Army.  Those of you that know me, roughing it is hotels without room service..

It was hot and humid, the bed was sandstone with a light sleeping bag for a cushion. There was no accommodations for me, the single person over 50 on the trip... But, they were all kind to me and left me to be content and just watch...

Too bad, youth is wasted on the young....
A good time was had by all .. Even me ... But, I didn't tell them that!