Monday, January 30, 2012

Sister visit 2012 - Tulum & Coba

Annual migration of the Baldwin sisters (with spouses)
Becky and I are very fortunate that Lois and Anna both have the ability to come see us each year. They have access to air travel and no cost. Roger & Lois are retired from American Airlines and Kendall & Anna have a son that works for Delta Airlines. 
This was the second annual migration of the sisters. Our little Casa was a little crowded with six adults, two dogs in our little 1500 square foot home. The two bathrooms were in high gear and we only had one crisis when the bathroom drain system hit capacity and cause a small flood.

 We took a tour with Lemuel Petalaco, our Stake President and local tour guide to Tulum ruins and also the Coba ruins. The weather was perfect. Not to hot and the crowds were minimal.
 Roger & Lois Watson
 Kendall & Anna Ayres
 We are still cute!
 Tulum is a walled city. This is one of the entrances through the Mayan Arch
 These native pole dancers and real swingers were part of the local show in the square.
 Here we are at the base of the Coba pyramid. 
New quilt was finished in time to be on the bed in the second guest room. Becky had worked long and hard on this quilt. She is working to make our little home cozy and comfortable for us and our guests.

We are all looking forward to next year,. The Sisters get to dodge some of the cold weather of Utah and we get to spend time with some of our favorite people. We plan to go exploring some more. There is so much history here that ties to the Book of Mormon. Next year we all hope to get to attend the temple session at Merida and then travel down to the state of Chiapas and visit more sites and see the beauty of that area.
There is so much more than just beach and water sports.

We invite all of our friends to come and visit. We love to share this magic place with you. All you need is a passport and a airline ticket. We will pick you up at the airport and the adventure will begin.

Contact us by calling:  801-738 1429 (Local Utah number) or emailing us at: or